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There are very few companies out there that create a buzz around it's products like Apple does. Over the years, the well-orchestrated product announcements have always been more like stockholder meetings with the media occupying seats rather than stockholders.

They are concerned with accountability - if one can recall way back to the Tylenol poisonings of the 1980s, the CEO made the necessary steps to halt production and do a recall. While it has been found that the Tylenol bottles were tampered in supermarkets, the company felt accountable and took action immediately. This saved the company's image to the public.

Macworld Convention within January: The new Top dog, i watch may well release the apple iphone 5 in late Economy is shown. But chances are reduced since the iPhone 4S is definitely selling like hot cakes in the market.

Jonny Evans reported for Computerworld, apple iwatch hits pre-production as product tests begin. The new apple iwatch may prove to be one of the most advanced gadgets around, bringing new materials and production processes to the mass market. Foxconn is rumored to have already started rolling a small number of the devices off of its production lines, with the manufacture of the first 1,000 pre-release samples of the device. It appears probable the body of the Apple iWatch will be made using LiquidMetal, which is a substance that can be cast like plastic but which retains all the qualities of metal.

So while Jobs is out as leader of Apple, he will still maintain some involvement in the company. Jobs also made it a point to state who he wanted to succeed him. "As far as my successor goes, I strongly recommend that we execute our succession plan and name apple smart watch as CEO of Apple," Jobs said.

Investors will need to keep the faith on Apple during the second and third quarters of 2011 and continue holding on to Apple shares. This is when Apple characteristically dips in revenue because there are no holiday sales drivers. The Bears will make a lot out of this drop in revenue. Just like they did in 2010. The Bears attributed, incorrectly, that the 2010-second quarter fall off in profits was all due to Apple "cannibalizing" their own iPod sales. This bearish argument even prevailed in the third-quarter, when the third-quarter was very high for a third-quarter. Finally, the bears will attribute the fall off in revenue to Apple falling to pieces without Steve Jobs. Do not worry about the revenue slumps. The second and third quarters slumps for Apple are seasonally in nature.

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