Monster Defeats Headphones Facilitates Me A Lot

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The Monster Beats Dr. Dre headphones are much more stylish than the headphones. The headband is thick and glossy and is also padded at the top for comfort. The Beats logo on the headphones actually acts like a mute button with the on and off switch for the noise canceling feature right underneath (which have to be used in order to use the headphones).

Bose is one of the leading sound corporations of today's electronic industry but their series of wireless noise cancelling headset have not been the greatest, especially for the price that they were selling for. But Bose has made a giant leap, by improving the series of the quiet comfort series with the QC15. These are by far Bose's greatest headphones ever!

You normally don't even think of style relating to headphones, but the Dr. Dre Beats Headphonemake you think twice. But anyone will make something that appears good, right? How do they perform? The Dr. Dre List Beats Headphones Low-down... The Monster Beats Appearance- Not necessarily often do headsets turn heads, however the sleek design from the MB's does. The glossy charcoal head band runs seamlessly to the ear pieces, that are inlaid with the red "b".

On the exact other end of the spectrum is the Logitech G35 Surround Sound Gaming Headset. This headset is monstrous, and weighs just under two pounds. This is a device for users that require serious performance day after day, and hour after hour. Even being as big as it is, the speakers are very comfortable and the headband is padded very nicely. It comes with literally dozens of features, ranging from 7.1 surround sound to customizable programmable macro keys. At $129.99, this headset is more of investment then a purchase, but is the price. It is currently on sale at Best Buy for $109.99.

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